Cruz Roja Ambulance Web Application


Cruz Roja in Tijuana only has 13 ambulances and emergency response times are unreasonably long. Information collected from the patient by the EMTs are often collected again by nurses and time is wasted.

Project Goals

  • Produce an easy-to-use interface that displays areas most likely to need emergency medical attention based on historic data
  • Data storage system so that all Red Cross can access and update the same information for each patient


  • Interactive map with real-time ambulance locations
  • Database containing ambulance information (location, status, reporter, plate number)
  • Ability to add ambulances and reporters
  • Request handling to update ambulance information remotely
  • Secure access of ambulance information


During this project I familiarized myself with (or improved my skills in) these key technologies:

  • Javascript and JQuery
  • Leaflet
  • Django framework, templates
  • Python
  • Psql
  • Database concepts, especially Ajax calling